Research Project Importance

Writing a research project? You probably wish you weren’t. It’s no secret that research projects are the bane of many students’ lives. It takes a lot of time, effort, and meticulous good sense to write a research project. When you’re overburdened by other commitments, it can seem impossible.

But it’s important to remember what you’re gaining when you’re writing a research project. The process can turn you from a clueless beginner into an experienced pro student in any field. When you do research, you’re collecting information on something that you didn’t know about before. It helps you remember facts and develop your knowledge. If you’ve got exams coming up, you’ll be glad you had this opportunity to study on your own terms.

Plus, research projects can help you learn critical thinking skills. As you evaluate and choose to include or reject each of the sources that you’ve come upon, you will sharpen your knowledge of what’s good and what’s bad. This helps you become a better student and professional. Plus – it never hurts to impress your professor.

The Right Research Project Ingredients

A good capstone project is important, but what makes good research? When you start your project, remember these threads that you have to bring together.

  • Solid sources: A research paper is only as good as the sources it relies on. You need to show your reader that you know your stuff when it comes to weeding out the unreliable and picking what’s good.
  • A strong thesis: A thesis is perhaps the most important part of any project. You need to take a strong stance on what you’re writing about – otherwise, there’s going to be no impact.
  • Forethought: Thinking and doing research before you officially get started can save you a lot of time and hassle in the end. Consider the sources available and see if they’re strong enough to support your idea.
  • Editing: Don’t write just one draft. Constantly tweak, refine, and better your research project. It will be much more coherent if you make sure that you’re going back and fixing things throughout the process and between drafts.

The Proper Format of Final Project

A proper research paper has a highly specific format that’s often pre-dictated. Take note of the parts that you’ll require, and make sure you’re doing each one correctly.

  1. Thesis: We’ve already discussed the importance of a strong thesis.
  2. Background: Many research papers, especially original research papers, have a background section to help contextualize your work.
  3. Methods: The methods section might not be separate from the rest of the paper, but it’s still important. Discuss how you went about doing your research and possibly what you learned from it.
  4. Results: This can also be called “Discussion” or be unheaded, but this part is where you’ll talk about what you discovered and why it’s important.
  5. Abstract: Though this may be called summary or something else, you’ll likely have to do one.
  6. Sources: Of course, you’ll have a sources section. Make sure these are formatted according to the citation style favored by your professor or school.

Writing a Research Project Proposal

You know how to write the paper itself, but first comes the proposal. So how can you pull all these steps together to write a good research paper proposal? Here’s a step-by-step-guide to get you going.

  1. Brainstorm: Think about what you want to write about. What appeals to you? What’s interesting to you? What’s fun to research?
  2. Write a thesis: Identify your thesis first! This helps you build on a strong foundation.
  3. Identify sources: Even if you don’t need an annotated bibliography, track down some solid sources for your paper. You need to know that you actually have enough info to write this topic.
  4. Outline: Don’t skip this step! A solid outline helps you when you go to write the abstract or summary. It’s easier to start with scribbled notes than with a blank page.
  5. Write an abstract: What this is actually called will vary from school to school. Nevertheless, you’ll probably need to write one. Think of this as a pre-summary of the paper, talking about what you plan to discuss and do.
  6. Go over it: Finally, get someone to look at your proposal, or if you’re confident, edit it yourself. You’re ready to go!

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